Valuable Rituals to Elevate Your Life
Professional Lineage

Gifted Beings

I undestand the need to explore your gifts with the support of others who are familier with the unfamilier. To have a safe space to practice spiritually and otherwise. Healthy daily habits ground us so that we can expand our abilities emotionally and spiritually. 

The body and mind must be cared for before we can fully be present with the depth of our intuitive senses.


“Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom” -Aristotle

I believe this to be true however it’s important to address that Aristotle thought women to be inferior to men. Thus my passion to enliven women from societal falsities that have hindered our personal growth as a community.

Allow me to share a secret whispered among the enlightened. I have danced with stress, my darlings, but I refused to let it cast a shadow upon my resplendence. I have triumphed over worry and past traumas that once threatened to stifle my brilliance just like you.


My personal odyssey towards recovery has been a symphony of refinement and boldness, a testament to the indomitable spirit within. Our bodies and minds possess a delicate tapestry of patterns, yet fear not, my elegant Goddesses, for we possess the power to unravel the threads that bind us and weave a lifestyle that radiates sophistication and unyielding vitality.

And here lies the grand revelation: I am here to be your esteemed companion on this extraordinary voyage. I have traversed vast landscapes in my own quest, and now I stand before you, ready to extend my hand. You, my dear Goddesses, deserve to revel in a life adorned with serenity, joy, surrender, and an unapologetic zest for life.

Envision a world where more of us embrace our divine essence and fearlessly seize the boundless opportunities that life presents. It may demand a refined touch, my loves, but remember, life is a tapestry meant to be woven with bold strokes and daring choices.

So, my radiant Goddesses, let us embark on this exhilarating journey together. Let us infuse our lives with sophistication, grace, and an unwavering commitment to embracing life’s splendor. For life, my darlings, is a magnificent canvas awaiting our audacious strokes of brilliance.

Are You Stuck In A Cycle of Frozen Discernment That Prevents You From Nourishing Your Mind and Body?

In all my years of coaching and hosting women’s support groups it has been a common theme that women chose others over themselves without a thought. Even single women gage the safety of choosing what’s right for them by what they feel the world might accept them as. It’s an opportunity to educate our men as well; to hold us the way we need.

I’ve lived a long life filled with constant anxiety and for no other reason than PTSD. I lived a safe life and yet from just a few instances of time life stopped and shook me to my core, leaving me with a bag of anxiety to carry. i couldn’t put it down because I was determined to figure it out, disect it, nurture and love it no matter how it treated me.

It took me going through the darkest night of the soul journey to really see what it was doing to me, and protecting me it was not!

The journey through has been a bretah of fresh air. I can tell you that looking at life with one less bag to drag around has been a breath of fresh air. I still have insecurities but I can tackle them without this weight on my chest. I want that for you. What’s holding you down?

To My Sisters of The Gorgeous Colors of The Human Rainbow; Waiting For Approval Is No Way To Live!

I spent my life on the spectrum of what one might see as a white woman while other may see me as a woman of color. As a young adult this was confusing to navigate. As a mother it was like constantly navigating through muddy waters in social circle. I know what it’s like on both spectrums of this.

As a business woman we wear many hats, as a mother we wear many hats; yet as a woman in society we are still addressed as inferior even to by other women, and if we challenge this we are seen as aggressive which we were taught is the most ugly word.

Knowing yourself requires you to allow yourself to fully be who you are even in the presence of unacceptance. I challenge you to embrace who you are, speak your truth and to give yourself permission to live the life you desire.

And I am here for it! I will give you tools to guide you deeper into who you truly are. You deserve to be seen, to be praised and appreciated, as you so desire. The world may not know it yet but we need you to own your brilliance!

As a collective, women can support each other by standing in our own unique truth. When we are whole we are supportive, we are women after all.

The Dark Night of The Soul

What is it?

If you’ve experienced it you know. If you have yet to experience, I can tell you from experience that in the beginning of your darkness you feel as though you will never get out of this darkness, that you’ll never be whole again, that you are stuck in this deep darkness. Let me tell you something else, you can and you will, because this is just a blip in your journey and although you feel as though this blackhold is neverending, it is. Having women to hold you in this time is an incredible expernce, to not go it alone and to be with women who cheer you on and wont let you give up. It’s a magnificent and glorious journey that you will hold with joy, pride even and with precious wisdom. This phase of life is your diamond your gem in creation, your soul is being pushed the the edge of everything you have withing because it’s asking you to hold on; to allow your soul expand itself within you and it hurts but IT IS WORTH IT!

The divine feminine is hidden within each of us and the luminous moon is our guide.

There comes a time in our life when we break our silence. When we face our fears and lead ourselves out of darkness. Out of confusion and lose, and lonliness.

It isn’t as easy as just running to the light. We have to go back in with tools to defeat what has demonstrated so much power over us.

I have walked this path time and time again. Sometimes alone, but when I truly rose I was witnesseed, encouraged, empowered and celebrated. The path of the divine feminine thrives in community.

I feared all the tools that would awaken my path.

If you come from a christian background I know what it’s likely to feel as though the more we learn about the world the darker is.

What I have discovered is that many womens communities in religions have stripped away the deepest power of a womans intuition. That we must come to a many of the cloth for guidance because we are crazy to thing we might have a divine connection.

I believe the path of the divine feminine is an eb and flow of celebrating our truest nature while also addressing the fears within so that we will be free to live our truest purpose as a bright light for others.