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Her Oasis | Lifestyle Rituals


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"The world can only seem a safe place when we feel safe inside" - Agapi Stassinopoulos

Imagine waking up each morning with the tenacity and self-security of an open heart to embrace life with rather than just enduring it.

Having the sense of security in your home and workspace because you have clarity about what that means for you.

You’ve felt the call to step into your self-nurturing phase of life!

In doing so, gifting yourself peace of mind, inner strength and resilience.

Self Empowerment

This course will empower you by providing you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your personal sense of well-being.

Feeling safe is the treatment and creating safety is the work. – Dr. Stephen Porges

Confidence Boost

Her Oasis can boost your confidence in navigating the world, knowing how to anticipate and respond to potential awarenesses can safeguard you with the right tools, such as creating boundaries that support your creative process.

Increased Resilience and Adaptability

Develop resilience and adaptability skills to help you navigate life’s challenges with grace and ease. Learn to embrace change, overcome obstacles, and bounce back from setbacks. Empowering you to face adversity with a positive mindset and find opportunities for growth and transformation.

Her Oasis is meant to tackle the two most importance spaces of your environment; your mind and your living spaces. When both these spaces are nurtured and safeguarded with the proper protection, they become a literal powerhouse to jump from. Your ability to be more adaptable is strengthened and you ultimately become more resilient by nature.

Community Support

This program offers you a collective community of women on a similar journey as you, providing you with like-minded women to share and gain support and encouragement from.

Peace Of Mind

You will be supported in receiving guidance on common concerns in a group setting that offers effective solutions to helping you create your transformative new lifestyle, while also having the opportunity to ask questions on your specific needs. 









This holistic approach addresses the interconnectedness of personal well-being and the home environment, recognizing that a nurturing home can significantly impact one’s overall sense of security and tranquility.

Once you realize the impact of this in your life your whole world changes.

Hi! We are Wiesje and Paula and we are on a mission to help you design your life by bringing you a collaborative collection of our professional background.

“I am my own sanctuary and I can be reborn as many times as I choose throughout my life.” – Lady Gaga

Your’ll soon discover that the purpose of Her Oasis… your oasis, is a sacred space of building you up and nourishing your senses, and giving you the tools you need to do the same for you in your environment, whatever that looks like for you.

We are all in different places in our own worlds but we all share common reluctancies and also common goals; to design our life in as many ways as possible.

In this course of Her Oasis we have come together to create a safe space for you to do just that!

We each have a unique background professionally and holistically to offer you the best transformation of 2024.

We will be guiding you through a transformative journey towards self-improvement, personal growth, and the mastering of your own personal environments.

Here, we empower women. We will hold you in this space to help you navigate the dark waters in your life. So that you can create the luxurious, the stability, the calm in the storm. Whatever that is that you need to feel safe in your world, we got you.

You will be empowered to embrace your authentic essence and cultivate a life that radiates vitality from your unique soul center.

Imagine waking up each morning excited about life. Looking forward to playing in your creative spaces and simply living with ease and enjoyment.

It’s time to literally make space for your uniqueness in your life. You hold space for everyone else and it’s beyond time for you to shine.

Through this transformative program of group coaching, and empowering resources, you will be able to navigate daily challenges, release self-limiting beliefs, and unlock the doors to your true creative genuis. Cultivating a mindset of resilience allows you to embrace life’s twists and turns with grace, a bit of sass, and unwavering joy.

But it’s not just about self-improvement; it’s about creating actual joyous living areas in your home, your office or even just a quiet space on your property


You will also get the added benefit of a women’s community of like-minded souls who uplift and inspire each other on this extraordinary journey. Our sisterhood of like-minded women is a sanctuary of love, acceptance, and celebration, where you can connect with kindred spirits, share your triumphs, and find solace in times of hard growth.

So dear sister, are you ready to create your unique sanctuary?

If your heart is whispering “yes,” then take that daring leap of faith and join us on this transformative journey.

Rewrite the narrative of what it means to live your unique life, and let’s inspire each other to live our lives more fully, with incredible joy, playfulness, and an audacious zest for life.

Welcome to Her Oasis. Your Oasis!

With love, excitement, and a sprinkle of whimsy,

Wiesje and Paula

This is by no means intented to replace mental health practices set in place by your professional health practitionor. This is a mindset course designed to compliment your life.